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FOX News
May 2, 2014 11:00am PDT
was about ukraine and sanctions against russia. that's something she's been front and center on. the second question was about the death penalty and that botched execution in oklahoma. this benghazi story obviously has been out there, front and center for several days. several networks, news organizations pressing jay carney that something as big as that -- especially since john boehner announced the special committee minutes before the news conference. you thought you'd get some questions on that. back to you, greta. >> oh! >> i know the difference. >> no problem, fred. see you. >>> the families of those who lost loved ones in benghazi reacting to the white house narrative, as well as that dramatic testimony from the military's top intelligence official at the time of the attack. listen to that part of that testimony. >> did they ever tell you to go save people in benghazi? >> not to my knowledge, sir. >> we didn't run to the sound of the gun. they were already issuing press releases. >> four individuals died, sir. we obviously did not respond in time to get there. >> could we have? >> we
FOX News
May 1, 2014 11:00am PDT
treatment. this new video showing how bad things are getting. the general telling reporters that russia has a lot of options and their options are only growing day by day. general jack keen served is a fox news military analyst. russia's options growing day by day. what does that mean for ukraine? >> ukraine's in a difficult spot, no doubt about it. ever since they forced yanukovych out of ukraine, the fact of the matter is russia has been trying to get that government to move away from europe and to move into a relationship with him. that's what this intimidation is about. he's going to keep up the pressure until that government moves in his direction. there's an election coming on the 25th of may. while this intimidation will keep going and growing prior to that election to be sure. >> a lot of people say, general, why not? if you're of the mindset of putin, which most peel arenople, why not enroach? >> we could if we got tough. the sanctions are feeble, to be frank. we have restrictions on people as opposed to industry. we know we can get really tough on putin because we've done wit iran
FOX News
Apr 28, 2014 11:00am PDT
who say he's been weak on things like sanctions against russia and the red line on syria's chemical weapons. chief white house correspondent ed henry traveling with the president in the philippines. ed, you pressed the president on whether his foreign policy shows weakness and i'm not sure he loved your question. >> reporter: no, i don't think so. look no further than the president's own hometown paper the "chicago tribune" which a couple days ago took a look at the trip in asia and said that the president's foreign policy is under siege, in their words, on multiple fronts. you mentioned syria. ukraine. let's not forget middle east peace talks that they were trying to revive have now fallen apart. i asked the president whether there was some sort of guiding principle he takes to all of these crises to push back on the critics who say he's indecisive and weak. he took a little shot at fox news. listen to this. >> what you think the obama dak tr doctrine is in terms of these crises and how you answer those critics who say they think the doctrine is weakness. >> well, ed, i doubt that
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3